Workshop A – CMC, Quality Control & Manufacturing Policy

Time: 9:00 am
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


As this industry continues to push through clinical trials and making great strides towards another OV approved therapeutic, there remains critical questions surrounding the CMC, QC and manufacturing challenges of an oncolytic immunotherapy. This session will be led by industry experts, walking us through a series of presentations and interactive discussions to together debate, discuss and learn how to optimize OV therapeutics to reach the patient, safely, effectively, and rapidly.

Topics to Cover:

  • Deconvoluting the CMC supply chain for oncolytic virus success
  • Explore how pharma and biotech are adapting and modifying novel processes to ensure an optimized CMC supply chain
  • What are the biggest analytical challenges we face when it comes to oncolytic viruses?
  • How are we streamlining different product verticals into one business unit when the field has long been fragmented using multiple externals service providers?
  • Assessing assay selection strategies for optimized analytic methods for oncolytic viruses
    Achieving scale-up faster through adopting new manufacturing methods from the ground up