Conference Day 1 | Wednesday December 13

8:00 am Registration Opens & Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Navigating Uncharted Territory: Exploring the New Landscape of Promising Novel Viral Platforms

9:00 am Addressing the Current State of Novel Viral Platforms in Oncology To Demonstrate Increased Therapeutic Potential


  • Overview of traditional and novel oncolytic and non-oncolytic viral platforms
  • Understanding their advantages and unique characteristics
  • Engineering a non-oncolytic immuno-virotherapy based on Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus with enhanced tumour cell targeting

9:30 am Evaluating the Engineering Challenges & Strategies for Novel Viral Platforms to Overcome These Hurdles & Streamline Your OV Candidates into the Clinics

  • Eric Quemeneur Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Transgene


  • Adapting viral genomes for enhanced tumor targeting and replication
  • Overcoming limitations in viral tropism and immune evasion
  • Assessing potential off-target effects and toxicity of novel viral platforms
  • Designing and optimizing viral modifications to minimize non-specific tissue damage
  • Predictive toxicology and risk assessment approaches for early safety evaluation

10:00 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


This session is your opportunity to get face-to-face time with many of the brightest minds working in the oncolytic virotherapy field, and to establish meaningful business relationships

Exploring Effective Administration Routes: Intravenous Delivery vs Intratumoral Delivery of Oncolytic Viruses

11:00 am Assessing the Benefits & Challenges of Intravenous Delivery of Oncolytic Viruses

  • Paul Hallenbeck Founder, President & Chief Executive & Scientific Officer, Seneca Therapeutics Inc.


  • How can we continue to deliver the virus intravenously?
  • How can we overcome the body clearing the virus when delivered intravenously?
  • What is the best way to conceal the virus in the bloodstream to avoid clearing and allowing it to cross into the tumor?
  • What are the strategies to enhance viral circulation, evasion of neutralizing antibodies, and tumor tropism

11:30 am Evaluating the Advantages & Hurdles of Intratumoral Delivery of Oncolytic Viruses


  • What are the benefits and limitations of direct intratumoral injection?
  • How can we achieve localized viral replication and enhanced tumor cell killing?
  • What are the techniques for improving intratumoral spread and distribution of oncolytic virus

12:00 pm Investor Panel Discussion & Q&A: Bridging the Gap Between Pharma, Biotech & Investors

  • Hemanshu Shah CBO, Valo Therapeutics Ltd.
  • Dr Paul Peter Tak President & CEO, Candel Therapeutics
  • Talia Biran President, Oncolys USA, Oncolys BioPharma Inc.
  • Boris Minev Interim Chief Medical Officer & President, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Calidi Biotherapeutics Inc.


This panel discussion will bring together experts from the investment community, pharma, and biotech sectors to

facilitate the growth and development of the field. This panel will provide a platform for these stakeholders to connect, share perspectives, and explore potential partnerships. Take part in this deep-dive panel discussion and hear from the leading minds as they assess investment opportunities, and foster collaborations that ultimately drive the translation of innovative therapies to benefit patients and improve cancer treatment outcomes.

  • Addressing the importance of collaboration and investment in advancing pharmaceutical and biotech innovations
  • Identifying challenges and risks associated with investing in these industries
  • Discussing strategies for mitigating risks and maximizing returns on investments
  • Exploring emerging areas of investment interest, such as automation techniques and personalized medicine

1:00 pm Session Reserved for Fujifilm Diosynth

1:30 pm Networking Lunch

Navigating Selectivity, Therapeutic Functionality & Druggable Properties of Oncolytic Virotherapy Based Strategies

2:30 pm onCARlytics: A First-in-Class CD19-Expressing OV for Use in Solid Tumors


  • Overview of parental OV virus and clinical studies to date
  • Rationale for design of onCARlytics
  • Planned study design for Phase 1

3:00 pm enLIGHTEN™ the Spark in Cancer: Viral Immunotherapies Mark New Frontier


  • To create novel viral immunotherapies to modulate the tumor microenvironment by design
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence-guided methods to break down the complexity of the tumor microenvironment, identify druggable properties that correlate with clinical outcomes, and make in silico predictions for the best payload combinations for specific indications
  • Rational selection of a viral chassis from our suite of HSV-1 vectors allows enLIGHTEN™ to exploit tunable vector features and combine, in a single therapeutic, a multimodal, programmable tumor treatment

3:30 pm Development of CARG-2020, a Synthetic Oncolytic & Immunomodulating Virus, for Treatment & Prevention of Solid Tumors

  • Timur Yarovinsky Vice President - Discovery, Director of Immunology, CaroGen Corporation


  • Providing an overview of CARG-2020, a synthetic oncolytic and immunomodulating virus designed for the treatment and prevention of solid tumors
  • Discussing the advantages of developing synthetic viruses, including improved safety profiles, enhanced tumor targeting capabilities, and the ability to incorporate multiple therapeutic functionalities
  • Addressing the safety considerations of CARG-2020, including its replication selectivity for tumor cells, absence of viral pathogenicity, and potential mitigation of off-target effects

4:00 pm Afternoon Break & The Oncolytic Virotherapy Innovation Showcase


TheOncolytic Virotherapy Summit’s Innovation is back! With an ever increasing number of OV biotech’s and start-ups filing for IPO and looking to form licensing agreements or collaborations with larger institutions, the 8th Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit will once again host an innovation showcase aiming to demonstrate some of the latest innovations from the field, where emerging oncolytic virus start-ups and emerging companies with an active drug-discovery pipeline will pitch and present their company to the entire audience, demonstrating the opportunity they can bring to market

Advancing the Field of Oncolytic Virotherapy Through Synergistic Combination Strategies

5:00 pm Navigating the Potential of Combination Studies & Oncolytic Viruses for Improved Therapeutic Outcomes


  • Innovative combinations of oncolytic viruses with other therapeutic modalities
  • Leveraging the immune system with immune checkpoint inhibitors, vaccines, and immune stimulators
  • Targeting tumor microenvironment and immune evasion mechanisms for enhanced efficacy
  • Examples of preclinical and clinical studies demonstrating enhanced antitumor efficacy

5:30 pm Novel Strategy to Improve Immunotherapy & Radiotherapy Response in Gastroesophageal Cancers Utilizing Telomerase-based Oncolytic Virus

  • Talia Biran President, Oncolys USA, Oncolys BioPharma Inc.


  • Oncolys has developed a telomerase-based adenovirus OBP-301( Suratadenoturev) that is conditionally replicating in cancer cells by introducing the human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT)
  • OBP-301 ( Suratadenoturev) is currently being studied in registrational trials in Esophageal cancer in Japan with a target NDA submission by Q4 2024. It is also being studied in the United States in phase 2 studies in gastric and esophageal cancers
  • Encouraging phase 1 and 2 study data using OBP-301 in solid tumors have been published when used as a single agent, as well as in combination with radiation and immunotherapy

6:00 pm End of Conference Day One